We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH). The new version comes with significant interface improvements and additional querying capability, as well as a new responsive design that ensures AVH also works on small screens.

New base map

The map in the new version has a new default base map, which provides a cleaner image of the occurrences. The familiar Google Maps layers are still available under the layer switcher on the left-hand side of the map. The drop-down with environmental overlays has been omitted to allow for a cleaner separation between AVH and the Spatial Portal; this will hopefully encourage AVH users to follow the link and take their search results into the Spatial Portal, where there is a plethora of environmental layers and analytical tools.

AVH map with new default base map.

A new spatial query tool allows searching AVH by drawing a circle, rectangle or polygon on a map. The spatial query tool can be used to initiate a search, by accessing it under the ‘Spatial search’ tab on the Advanced search page, or to refine the result of an earlier search, by using the buttons in the map on the search result page.

Spatial query tools


The filters on the left-hand side of the page have been organised under headings to make them easier to find and use. Many of the filters have been renamed as well. If you’re used to scrolling to the filters you want, it might help to use the ‘Customise filters’ option at the top of the page to see which group the filter you are after is listed in.